Attic Insulation

Irish building regulations demand a minimum 12 inches of insulation in the loft space. Less that this results in unnecessary heat loss from your home. You can save money on your heating bills by availing of our professional fitting service.


Keeps your house warm and saves you money

Helps to prevent tanks and pipes freezing in wintertime

Increases your BER rating and value of your home

Improves the acoustic performance of your ceiling and can reduce external noise

Cavity Wall Insulation

We use a Bonded Bead Insulation system where we inject external cavity walls with graphite polystyrene beads and a bonding agent. We find it works best for the Galway climate, giving you a cosy home and reducing your heating bills.

Our expert staff will carry out a FREE survey on your home and make recommendations based on:

Cavity width
Cavity wiring
Existing board insulation
Exposure zone

We also provide:

Bathroom and Kitchen exhaust fans*

Wall and roof ventilation providing insulation is done* Vents01,

Lagging Jackets for water cylinders

Energy Efficient Lighting

Draught Proofing

Energy Conservation Advice – Our expert staff will give you the latest energy saving advice and tips


*Subject to criteria

The scheme is aimed at low income, privately owned households.

Product Information

We use ECOSE® Technology products for their enhanced product performance and ecological excellence. Euroclass A1 non-combustible.


A NATURAL BINDER: ECOSE® Technology contains no added phenol or formaldehyde. Natural raw materials replace the chemicals used in traditional binders.

LOWER EMBODIED ENERGY: Products manufactured using ECOSE® Technology are 70% less energy-intensive when compared to mineral wool products made using traditional formaldehyde-based binders, reducing the ecological footprint.

PROVEN DURABILITY: The exceptional strength of our bio-based binder makes products manufactured with ECOSE® Technology highly durable. 

OPTIMUM INDOOR AIR COMFORT: Based on natural raw materials, products manufactured with ECOSE® Technology have the best possible Eurofins Gold Certificate for Indoor Air Comfort, contributing to a high level of indoor air quality.